Terms & Conditions

These Terms of Use are agreed upon between the Customer and Chesapeake Brand, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the US, with its principal website being https://chesapeakebrand.com.

Among other things, the website allows customers to purchase seafood products and food supplies. Some of the functionalities made available to the Customer by Chesapeake Brand may be free or purchased for an extra fee.

These Terms of Use constitute a legally binding contract with Chesapeake Brand regarding the sale of purchased goods by the Customer.
By buying our products, the Customer expressly agrees to comply with requirements made clear by Chesapeake Brand and any additional terms and conditions that Chesapeake Brand may provide, including in connection with the Customer’s use of products and services Chesapeake Brand may offer. All purchases are final, no refunds.

The Customer(s) is solely responsible for his/her presence at time of delivery of product. Chesapeake Brand works to keep the products safe and fresh for everyone and due to the nature of our products, deliveries cannot be guaranteed fresh if not attended upon delivery. Some products may be raw and it is up to the Customer to follow provided instructions properly to prevent harm or illness. Chesapeake Brand holds no responsibility for illness or injury incurred by improper use of delivered products.

For assistance with customer support inquiries, the Customer may contact Chesapeake Brand by writing to the following email address: chesapeakebrand@gmail.com

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